Vaastu for Retail Outlet/Showroom/Shop

For successful business it is necessary to build the shops or business organisations according to the principles of Vaastu Shastra.
  • The premises should be either in square or rectangular shape
  • The toilet should never be in South-West and North-East corner
  • Shop owner or manager should not sit with his back facing any door
  • The center of the establishment should be free from pillars, stock etc.
  • The locker/cashbox should be placed in touch with wall of South direction
  • Any basement in South West establishment will lead to loss of health and wealth
  • entrance stairs or slope depends on the entrance direction of the establishment
  • Owner should sit in South-West corner, this provides him with a strong hold on his staff
  • The placement of the stock in the North and East side of the establishment should be light
  • Entrance of the establishment facing East or North directions are auspicious and yields maximum result