Vaastu for Healthy Living

Vaastu Shastra is complete in itself and can rid the families and establishments from their trouble. Through right living it brings happiness, prosperity and wealth and fulfilment of desires
  • Avoid living under beam because it causes mental stress
  • Toilet in North-East is very harmful for the health of female
  • Wooden furniture creates more positive energy compared to metal
  • Anything under stairs other than store room will lead to poor health
  • Doors and windows in North and East should open from early morning
  • While cooking, back of the cook should not face the kitchen entrance as it will lead to joint pain
  • Electronic devices and clock should always be in running condition even if seemingly they are not in use
  • Family pictures should be placed in dining room as it helps improve bonding among the family members
  • Color of the ceiling should be white and different from walls in order to generate enthusiasm and passion