Vaastu for Financial Successes

Most of us wonder why we do not reap the rewards of our hard work. Let us look at how Vaastu can help us in getting better results. The structure of a house or flat we live in can support to increase our financial condition. It has been noticed, that after minor alterations in their house desired results and satisfaction have followed
  • Obstruction in North leads to monetary crises
  • Toilet adjacent to entrance leads to unnecessary expenditure
  • Any underground water source in South or South-West leads to financial loss
  • Placing a water-containing vessel like an aquarium in North will help generate more income
  • Leakage in taps, rooftop, pipeline etc. should be repaired immediately as this leads to financial loss
  • When two or more doors are in straight line, ensure only one door is open at a time as this will help in savings
  • Lockers should be placed in South or West direction adjacent to the wall to ensure regular flow of money