Vaastu for Direction Defects

It is a myth that the only way to overcome Vaastu related defects is through demolition or structural correction which may not be possible in several cases
  • Defect in South-East causes loss due to fire and fear of enemy
  • Problem in conceiving and unhealthiness is due to defect in East
  • Defect in South leads to expenditure on disease and loss of savings
  • Defect in North will create issues in education, wealth, health and prosperity
  • Long term disease, bad habits, accidents etc. are caused by defect in South-West
  • Any defect in Brahma Sthaan (Centre of House) will lead to all kinds of major problems
  • Children facing problem in studying, interruption in education, fitness issues, are due to defect in West
  • Illogical reasoning, dual personality, court issues and health issues with mother are causes that happen due to defect in North-West
  • Defect in North-East direction will cause health problems to the family members and physical and mental problems for the coming generation