Vaastu for Bedroom

All of us sleep. A third of our lifetime is spent sleeping. And therefore, it is an extremely important factor in our overall health. There are some wonderful Vaastu science to turn our bedroom, a place where we spend more time than in any other rooms of the place we call home, into a source of health, wealth and happy living
  • The room mirror should not reflect bed in the vision
  • Bedroom should only be square or rectangular in shape
  • South-West direction should not have any door or window
  • Married couple should not have a room in North-East direction
  • Children staying in South-East corner room turn very aggressive
  • Working head of the family should reside in South-West corner for financial stability and hold
  • The bed should always be placed in South direction and should never come in line of entrance door
  • Unmarried girl should have a room in North-West corner to get married where as South-West corner is extremely inauspicious