General Tips

Vaastu Shastra, the sacred science of ancient India, creates harmonious, stress-free and prosperous living at home as well as in work environment. It is extremely helpful in supporting all-encompassing success in every facets of life. Vaastu provides holistic solution to ones continuous personal, professional or economic malaise that could be because of a mere ‘dosha’ (mistake) at home or office.
Vaastu Shastra Science
Vaastu Tips

You could have undergone therapies, joined social groups, tried to sort out differences and to find out the cause of stress and failures in your life.

You will have to accept the fact of vaastu which majorily plays a vital role in your life. Small corrections in vitals inside your house or establishments could bring changes and make you come up where you have been pushed down so long.

Indian Vaastu
  • All the doors and windows should open inside
  • East and North should have maximum open area
  • South-West direction should not have any door or window
  • North-East is most auspicious place for temple (Poojaghar)
  • The floor and terrace should have slope towards North-East
  • Head of the family should stay in South-West or Southern side
  • Toilet in North-East side is very harmful for the health of female
  • South and West sides should always be heavy compared to other directions
  • Cactus, Rubber and similar plants should not be planted inside the premises
  • East and North direction should not get shadow of tree, pole or any religious place
  • Tulsi plant should be planted in North, East and North-East direction for positive energy
  • East, North and North-East facing establishments are more auspicious compared to others
  • East and North should have maximum doors and windows and heavy objects should not be placed
  • Paintings depicting wild and aggressive birds, animals, ghosts, fighting, riots etc. should not be placed