Vaastu is a similar science for establishment/structure as Medical Science for human body. The right application of Vaastu clears our building of illness, keeps it healthy and helps keep diseases at bay. Merely possessing the modern-day utilities, furniture, gadgets etc. will not ensure happiness. What makes the difference is how they are positioned vis-à-vis the ‘five elements’ in order to generate positive energy and bring prosperity and well-being.

Regarded as highly intuitive at a very young age, 1960 born ManMohan Taneja is amongst those few who recognized the call of destiny and have answered in affirmative. Brought up in a Business family and later an entrepreneur himself, fate brought him to discover Vaastu early in his life. His interest in the subject began to grow at a young age when he saw the profound impact that Vaastu had on peoples’ lives. He became conscious of this wonderful source of guidance called Sanatan Puratan Vedic Vaastu .


Vedic Vaastu should be followed as an integral part of one’s life in order to gain maximum Health, Prosperity, Mental Peace, Positive Energy etc. We provide services for Residence, Commercial Establishments like Factories, Hotels, Restaurants, Corporates, Showrooms, Retail Stores, Shops, Offices, and Institutes etc.

We cater to Domestic, International and clients based in remote locations.

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